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Website Hosting Servers

Web hosting manages all the angles of your web deployment. That clearly means it holds a very crucial role. Now if it is that crucial, do you really think free website hosting is a thing? You may not believe it but it actually is. Web hosting has so much to offer depending on user priorities.Free website hosting may not offer a wide range of features, but it sure can be pretty sufficient for a very budget constrained startup.

Free Website hosting

The Importance of Free Web Hosting Servers

Web hosting is your pathway towards a very lucrative and ever demanding internet world. While free website hosting may have its disadvantages, it can also be better than premium web hosting in some cases. It all starts with jotting down your business requirements. A good web hosting means a better online reputation.

And if you consider your website to your prime source of contact, like an e-commerce store, then you have to spend each penny you can to make the user experience worth it. A good website hosting has features like security certifications, speed, bandwidth, storage space and several others.

To help you understand with a real life example, just imagine if a customer tries to walk into your shop, and the door does not open smoothly, that’s speed, or enter in your shop and after some time a burglar breaks into your shop stealing everything including your customer’s belongings, that’s security or your shop has a very narrow entrance such that it gets impossible for customers to enter in busy hour, that’s bandwidth.

So, whether you opt for free website hosting or premium web hosting, you need to keep in mind the consequences. We will recommend the best website hosting service at the end which has all the preferred features and is cost effective too.

Why to Choose Free Website Hosting Service

The foremost or may be the only reason to choose free website hosting over premium web hosting is the fact that it’s FREE. Now that may sound foolish to some thinking why would a business risk its reputation over a couple of extra bucks, but at the same time financial constraints might be the biggest decision maker for so many out there.

Apart from the fact that it’s absolutely free, it also comes with an added advantage of not worrying about too many subscriptions and keeping records of transactions.

We need to keep in mind that all websites do not necessarily mean they belong to some business websites can be personal portfolios, non profit organizations which clearly do not care about how they look on the web, rather they need to save some bucks.

Why Not to Choose Free Website Hosting Service

Premium website hosting services are feature loaded. While there are plenty of features that are considered as an essential these days, we will discuss the few of them which are mostly the cause of client’s dissatisfaction on free website hosting.

  • Speed and bandwidth
  • Annoying advertisements
  • Technical Support

Speed and bandwidth: Both of these features are considered the most important key points a web hosting service is assessed on. They are not only important for search engine optimization, but also builds your reputation. Businesses who think their traffic will increase in a trend never compromise on speed and bandwidth.

Free website hosting comes up with limited speed and bandwidth since they are sharing servers for multiple other websites by using virtual private network (VPNs). To know more about web hosting bandwidth read this wpbeginner article.

Annoying advertisements: A premium web hosting would never put ad banners on your website to earn money. But it sounds fair if a free website hosting service does that. Again, some websites do not care if there are some ads popping up every time a user visits their website. But it is definitely something to put your thoughts on before getting a free website hosting plan for your website.

● Technical Support: Ever stuck in a situation where you have to scratch yourself? A lot of web developers happen to be in this position more often than they think. In situations like this, there is only one messiah, the customer support team. Unfortunately, free website hosting does not offer customer support. You might not need it if you have in-house geeks, but like I said, most of us need them more often than we think.

So, businesses have to choose wisely before getting a free website hosting or paid web hosting. Either way, saving money is an important aspect. And we just know a built-in CDN hosting service which is not only fastest, but one of the cheapest with the most advanced technological architecture. BelugaCDN is the world’s fastest web hosting service provider. Check out their plans now!


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