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What is Minecraft Server Hosting?

To understand Minecraft server hosting let us first briefly walk through the idea behind Minecraft. Relax, it is not another hosting service in a world of hosting, Minecraft is an open world game aiming to promote imagination and creativity. It has completely transformed the gaming world with its exceptional creative freedom.

Very basic graphics but plenty to explore.But what does Minecraft and hosting service have in common? Nothing in similarity. But Minecraft players can access a number of Minecraft servers to experience different gameplays,rules and themes.

Minecraft server hosting

Minecraft world generates content during gameplay, which means it is procedurally generated. Now just like other multiplayer games, one of the players must have a server from a suitable Minecraft server hosting provider

It is possible to host Minecraft server our self

Players usually do not create a Minecraft server hosting themselves but there are so many Minecraft server hosting websites which offers hosting services according to the complexity, gameplay and number of players. So, one can ask what kind of Minecraft server hosting players need? Well, that depends on a lot of other things.

First, we need to understand servers have different specifications and Minecraft gameplay has certain hardware requirements for a smooth gaming experience. Minecraft server hosting needs to be as efficient and reliable as we are sensitive about hosting for our websites. If you are interested to know how can you host Minecraft server on your own check out this Wikihow article.

Although there are several Minecraft server hosting plans out there which are highly flexible and feature loaded, you can still host your own Minecraft server to enable multiplayer gameplay.

What to see while choosing the best CDN Minecraft server hosting plan?

We will not get into gameplay technicalities, leave that up to the pros. But there are some generic features we need to keep in mind before choosing a Minecraft server hosting plan or hosting Minecraft server on our own. Before discussing these features, we must keep in mind what do we need when getting any server hosting.

  • Processor
  • Storage
  • Setup and installation
  • Latency

● Processor: Just like our common machines, servers are no different. Minecraft server hosting needs a very fair processing speed to enable scalability and seamless gameplay. Before getting a Minecraft server hosting plan or if you are someone who host Minecraft server on your own, do check the server’s processing power, the processor generation and number of threads.

● Storage: While the amount of storage required in Minecraft server hosting is variable, but the storage medium can definitely play its part. Even if you host Minecraft server yourself, it is better if the server has a solid-state drive (SSD) since it has high transfer rate and is significantly fast, it plays its role as a performance booster too.

● Setup and installation: Nobody likes a time consuming installation or setup procedure. We think this is the most basic minecraft server hosting requirement of all. The setup process must be as simple as it can get. Players maybe experts in minecraft but why test them hard for setups? A sleek setup design is a must for minecraft server hosting.

● Latency: Ever experienced glitches while playing a multiplayer game? Ever happened to you a game stuck in the middle and when it resumes you are dead! That is not the case we want any player to go through, be it someone who host minecraft server on their own or rents a minecraft server hosting. Honestly, this latency issue is more related to the placement of server rather than server specifications. To overcome this issue, it would be best if you host minecraft server through a CDN hosting provider.

A CDN based hosting has caches for fast data traversal. It is super-fast and your data is usually located on the server that is placed closest to your location.

There are plenty of more points to look for while getting a minecraft server hosting plan for yourself but that would be player specific.

Like we discussed above, a built-in CDN based hosting would be a great idea, your gameplay will be absolutely seamless without any glitches. And if that hosting provider also offers the cheapest and most affordable packages there is even more reason to get that hosting. And what if I tell you BelugaCDN hosting plans are not only flexible and cost effective, they are world’s fastest built-in CDN hosting provider.

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