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As Discord experiences explosive growth, they're thankful Cloudflare helps keep bandwidth & hardware costs down and web performance high. Discord is a voice and text communication app for online computer gamers. CDN Discord goal is to become the de-facto standard communication app for PC gamers, and they’ve seen success, boasting 2.4 million concurrent users and over 25 million registrations as of July 2016

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Discord CDN : Mitigating DDoS attacks on Websocket servers at scale

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“Knowing that we don’t have to worry about DDoS attacks against our API and gateway servers gives us the peace of mind to focus on improving our product.” As said by Stanislav Vishnevskiy.

As CDN Discord arranged for fast development, they required a reasonable method to rapidly scale their current equipment foundation, while keeping up execution and security. Execution astute, Discord would need to progress from serving their substance from a solitary homed server to a high performing CDN (Content Conveyance System) accomplice that could serve their static resources from all around the world. Security shrewd, Discord expected to shield their WebSockets-based traffic from the uncontrolled DDoS assaults that they were encountering. As CTO Stanislav Vishnevskiy clarified, "Since we are a gamer-centered item we draw in a ton of clients who love to DDoS each other during game matches. As we developed increasingly prominent the force and events of these DDoS assaults expanded to the point where our designers were always managing them." Vishnevskiy proceeded, "Before Cloudflare, we were utilizing an enormous number of HAProxy boxes with DNS load adjusting to having the option to failover during DDoS assaults on our constant portals." In any case, their underlying equipment arrangement could cost Disagreement up to six figures every year at scale would ,in any case, require work from Discord's specialists. Dissension in this way required a moderate, effectively versatile answer for stop these assaults or, as indicated by Vishnevskiy, Disagreement's client experience and maintenance would fundamentally drop: "Each and every blackout would bring about baffled clients. While most existing clients were tolerant to the blackouts, new clients that joined during the issues were held inadequately because of awful early introductions. Each time a client got baffled and slipped by, it pushed us further from our objective of turning into the accepted correspondence application for gamers.

CDN Discord’s Answer to Security Problems

In August 2015, Discord came to Cloudflare similarly as they hit 25,000 simultaneous clients, and Cloudflare gave prompt, enduring execution and security benefits. Friction effectively scaled the business to their current 2.4 million simultaneous clients (over 9000% development in only one year), by utilizing Cloudflare's Content Distribution Network (CDN). How CDN works is by reserving substance to server and afterward serving it straightforwardly to clients from the closest Data Center. Thusly, Discord CDN , a Google Cloud client, both gives clients a snappier application through the rapid interconnections among Cloudflare and Google Cloud and spares over $100,000 month to month on their Google Cloud bill. What's more, Discord gets colossal solace from realizing Cloudflare's security is consistently on ensuring and serving their traffic. As Jake Heinz, a product engineer at Discord, clarifies "We have Cloudflare sit before our websockets servers to retain Layer 7 assaults and different layer 3 and 4 reflection assaults. We have 2.4 million simultaneous clients associated through Cloudflare to us, and Cloudflare rapidly and safely serves our traffic even with spikes of WebSocket occasions up to 2 million/second." By utilizing Cloudflare Discord persistently spares many thousands in equipment and transmission capacity costs, while furnishing their clients with better and a progressively secure and solid application

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