How CDN Media Makes Websites Perform Faster?

CDN Media

The internet age is groundbreaking, to say the least. Look around and it won’t be difficult to realize how digitized society has become. We don’t just rely on computers and digital devices to carry on with everyday routines anymore. We need to be connected online, too. Many of our daily activities call for the world wide web to intervene. From making payments to booking flights and watching movies, the internet has become crucial to getting things done. Because of this, websites are demanded to be reliable and fast. Fortunately, CDN media simplifies this concern.

Understanding how CDN works drastically makes a difference, not just on one’s website, but in one’s overall enterprise too. Speed isn’t only a business component anymore. It’s become a determiner.

For this particular article, we’re breaking down why CDN hosting is important for a business and how CDN media hastens both websites and business revenue.

What Is CDN Media?

To start, let’s define what a CDN is. The jargon stands for Content Delivery Network and as the name implies, it delivers web content to your website visitors, wherever they may be in the globe. Referred also as CDN media, web content found in sites that are supported by CDN hosting become more accessible simply because they’re stored in multiple servers. You see, CDN is essentially a group of servers strategically located in several locations all around the globe. This is done primarily to reduce latency—the loading time it takes for a website to load completely.

To better understand this, know that every time you visit a website and press on clickables (i.e, videos, blog posts, images) your device is sending out a request. Each website is managed by a web host and these hosts have origin servers that may or may not be many oceans away from where you are. If it’s proximally distant, you can bet your loading time will take much longer than those who live near the origin.

Here’s a clearer picture of the CDN media science: let’s pretend your website is managed by a web host whose origin is in Washington. For any of your website visitors who live near the state, visiting your website is a breeze ad poses no challenge at all. This is because the requests they make when accessing your site don’t travel all that far. But when you have website visitors from Singapore or Africa or Germany, you can already be sure that your content will reach them further. While it may seem trivial to many, understand that slow-loading websites affect sales.

The reason why CDN media works like a charm is that it arrives devices much earlier on. This becomes handier to websites that carry a ton of dynamic media or just media in general. Whether you manage a blog site with an array of news articles or a site that sells plates and utensils, fast websites only improve business performance because they attract more customers.

How CDN Works: Why It’s Time to Use CDN Hosting?

More than anything, the number one reason business managers and website leaders resort to CDN hosting are because of speed. CDNs reduce the physical distance between a website’s users and the origin host. As a result, website performance becomes noticeably more efficient. Pictures load more vividly a lot faster, videos don’t buffer, and blog posts load quicker. GIFs and other animated media function faster, too. If you’re starting to notice an increase in your site’s visitorship, it may be high time to level up. Web host origins aren’t meant to accommodate hundreds and thousands of website users simultaneously; that’s a CDN’s job.

Digital empires such as Disney Plus, Amazon, and CNN al make use of CDNs to reach their audience more effectively.

Security is another reason leaders turn their web content into CDN media. In case you haven’t noticed, technology has improved everyone’s internet skills—including hackers. We’ve all heard of stories surrounding businesses that have been ruined solely because of website compromises and off-message branding results caused by cybercriminals. Don’t let that happen to your website.

Here at BelugaCDN, we make use of a myriad of tools to aid in protecting your website. We understand that your data is important to you and your customers, hence this is a burden you’re relieved from should you sign up with us.

Another CDN feature not so many people know about is being able to run A/B testing assessments. Should your brand need to run tests to examine which campaigns work better for certain audiences, doing that becomes a lot easier with a CDN.

Overall, understanding how CDN works and signing up with a provider you trust makes all the difference in the world for your business and users. Don’t be afraid to give it a try.

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