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If you have a website, you realize the significance of quick load times. Because websites nowadays have rich content and functionalities, a functional site must deliver content at a faster speed to users around the world. Thus, CDN WordPress is an essential tool that you can use to ensure that every visitor, regardless of location, has access to faster loading webpages.

Is CDN WordPress Necessary?

Performance is a critical component that impacts any website. How your site performs heavily influences your conversion rate, SEO ranking, and UX. Precisely because of this reality, more and more entrepreneurs are looking up ‘CDN WordPress’ online to ensure that their website is at its most optimal. Considering how there are now almost 2 billion websites online, it can be challenging to stay afloat against all the noise and competition web traffic may bring. Several things affect how a website performs, but generally, one can say a strong aspect is the lack of premium web hosting services.

For this article, we’re discussing what CDN WordPress is, how to use CDN in WordPress, and what to look for among the top CDN providers.

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Why Does My Website Need CDN WordPress?

While ‘CDN WordPress’ isn’t a singular piece of technology, the phrase CDN WordPress has grown to be strongly researched keywords on Google, solely because business leaders and website owners are putting more premium on optimizing their digital havens.

But what exactly is CDN?

Content Delivery Networks are groups of web hosting servers strategically located in various locations around the planet. These networks are designed to effectively distribute web data to users all around the globe; exactly why these servers are found in multiple regions and countries. That way, when users try to access a WordPress site, they no longer have to receive the web content from the site’s origin host server, but from their Edge server, meaning the server that’s nearest where they are. For instance, if your CDN provider has PoPs in Asia, your Asian market is bound to access your site through the servers located in Asia, and no longer the origin host that may be in the U.S. This is achieved by caching your web data in a CDN provider’s multiple servers. Through this, your web content becomes readily available wherever your user may be.

Essentially, CDNs are established chains of terminals that make sure every server stores the same web data. And because WordPress remains to be a staple web host, it’s understandable why CDN WordPress continues to be searched for on search engines; knowing how to use CDN in WordPress is now a valuable skill.

A Complete Solution to Boost Your Website Speed Globally

A content delivery network (CDN) distributes static and dynamic content, including JavaScript and CSS, and media files. A distribution system delivers content in a chain of servers positioned around the world. Thus, if a user in Asia requests content from a website hosted in the USA, the nearest server will send him the content to avoid latency.

If you’re a website owner, you’ll surely don’t want a loss of conversion because your pages don’t load quickly. Therefore, availing of a WordPress CDN is an essential strategy that you must use, especially if you have a business that targets international consumers.

We list some of the popular businesses that can use CDNs:

  • Ecommerce
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Blogs
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Online Gaming
  • Streaming Sites
  • Healthcare
  • Online Education

Why Choosing CDN for WordPress Site Is a Smart Choice

Since you now understand what a CDN is, let’s talk about the reasons why it is beneficial for your WordPress site to be on a content delivery network.

  • Faster Load Times

    If you use CDN WordPress, your pages are available to your readers quickly because they’re accessing them from the CDN servers.

  • Better Handling of Traffic

    In a CDN, your readers obtain the content from the nearest server. Therefore, your source server doesn't experience a large volume of transactions. It doesn't report any downtime or low performance due to traffic.

  • Saves Bandwidth

    CDN reduces the consumption of bandwidth because it limits the direct requests to the web-hosting server because it provides the content to users.

  • Security

    The CDN network can withstand mild DDoS attacks because it scatters the servers around the world. Moreover, some Best CDN providers have a system to distinguish attacks, bots, and spammers. They add security levels for WordPress sites that ask for credit card information from customers.

  • Better SEO Ranking

    Google ranks websites that load content quickly because it puts a premium on sites that provide an excellent user experience.

  • Enhanced User Experience

    CDN WordPress enhances user experience on both mobile and desktop devices through faster loading of webpages. Website visitors now use their smartphones to surf the Internet. Also, Google uses a mobile-friendly search protocol that allows mobile-optimized pages to rank higher in search results.

How CDN WordPress Improves the Website Speed

Web visitors are impatient; they want content instantly. Therefore, if your website is slow, they’ll most probably leave and never come back. Thankfully, CDN services can help you reduce loading times.

  • CDN reduces the distance between your web resources and users because its servers enjoy global distribution. Instead of connecting to your origin server, they connect through a server closest to them. Therefore, they experience faster service because of their proximity to the server hosting your content.
  • Data reaches your users faster because of software and hardware optimizations in CDN servers. For instance, these servers have solid-state hard drives and efficient load balancing.
  • CDNs reduce file sizes through file compression and minification for quicker load times.
  • CDN servers speed up websites that use TLS/SSL certificates through connection reuse optimization. Moreover, they enable TLS false start.

Let's discuss what happens if you don't use a CDN. If your web-hosting server is in New York, a user in Singapore will need to wait for quite some time before a webpage asset reaches him. Data needs to travel between the two locations. You may use the traceroute utility on a desktop computer if you want to understand how a specific web service gets to your device.

The amount of time it takes the data to travel from each of the locations or latency takes longer because it needs to pass through different router locations. Round Trip Time or RTT is the total time it takes for data to travel round trip. Every time a user requests content, the web resource asset must traverse the entire path from Singapore to New York and vice versa.

Now, if you use a CDN WordPress, your content will be in another server near your user. For instance, if the CDN has a server in Singapore, your web visitor will get the cached copy of your content from it and not from New York. The reduced path connecting the content and the consumer improves the latency. Because data gets to your users faster, they won’t lose enthusiasm on your website because they gain an excellent browsing experience.

How to Use CDN in WordPress?

Given that cloud content delivery solutions are crucial in getting things done, CDN providers have made linking your WordPress content to their many CDN servers a breeze. Each provider may vary in how this is done, but once you sign up, a CDN providers’ homepage should include steps on which web pages you can associate to Edge servers. For instance, when you sign up with BelugaCDN, you’re led to comprehensive tutorials such as this one, so you’ll never have to worry about how to go about this alone.

How the Top CDN Providers Can Help Build Your Site?

Speed is enhanced

Perhaps the biggest advantage of signing up with any of the top CDN providers is the speed your users' experience when visiting your site. When you don’t make use of a CDN, your site visitors will have to obtain web data from your web host origin which could be continents away from where your primary markets are. For example, many web hosts have origin servers located in Europe. If the primary demographic you service resides around the continent, this shouldn’t pose a large problem. However, if your business also serves American and Asian markets, your site is bound to load slower for these audiences.

Reduced bandwidth bills

An integral benefit of the CDN WordPress combination is the opportunity to save up on bandwidth fees. This is because the release of web content from your origin host results in lower bandwidth costs.

Security is improved

On top of SSL, your web data is even more protected. Because top CDN providers understand that the distribution of your web content becomes their responsibility, they make use of several digital tools to ensure the safety of your WordPress data.

What to Look for Among Top CDN Providers?

The top CDN providers have varied services, with many of them having different specialties. When shopping for providers, always take into consideration their customer service. What are people saying about how certain providers fix their customer’s concerns? How responsive is a provider’s technical service team? What are their hours? These things come in incredibly handy should something come up.

Reach is another factor that you should consistently consider. After all, the whole point of CDNs is to distribute data. Find out where their locations are and make sure they’re available in continents and regions your website needs to be strongest in.

BelugaCDN – The Best CDN For WordPress Sites

You already know the benefits of having CDN WordPress, your problem now is which of the many providers can you trust? Shall we talk about the services that BelugaCDN offers?

BelugaCDN is a content delivery network provider that works similarly to the others. It provides a way for you to take advantage of the global cloud to increase your content delivery. Unfortunately, many of these CDN providers charge hefty fees, but not BelugaCDN. You pay 25% less when you avail of their services.

If you can have the same kind of service that the others offer at a more affordable price, aren't you going to consider BelugaCDN? The company has over 15 years of operating experience and uses new technologies in providing optimized services at a very economical price. Moreover, there are no lock-in periods common to long-term contracts. With BelugaCDN, you can pay monthly subscriptions with an option to cancel any time.

Why don’t you contact BelugaCDN today to avail of their excellent service at a low price?

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