How System CDN Works to your Business?

System CDN

In the field of business industry, there is a great competition in whatever type of business you are in. From the e-commerce business which is very in nowadays, up to the startup and small to medium businesses, surely there is a great competition that every business owner should overcome and succeed. However, there is a great solution that helps business owners to make their businesses achieve the highest income and create a successful business brand. That is through the help of system CDN services that are being offered to the business entrepreneurs all over the world.

What is a CDN? How does it work for businesses? In this article, you will find out the uses of CDN’s as well as how it works and how it could give benefits to most of the business owners and entrepreneurs.

What is a CDN?

CDN or content delivery network is one of the great demands not only in the business industry but also in other types of business. CDN’s are distributed around the world where it is composed of website servers or Points of Presence (PoP) to give a fast and efficient content delivery service to the end-users.

How did these happen? For example, you have a business website that is based in New York City and you offer nationwide business products and services. The origin of your website is in New York and you offer business products and services available to the whole world. In order for you to get many customers, your website should be available and should load fast in different locations around the world. Here comes the important usage of CDN.

How CDN Works to your business?

The content of your business website and pages are being copied and stored to all the CDN that is being positioned in different geographical locations. When the time that the user will search, browse, or request data or content to your website, the nearest web server or POP’s will respond immediately to the request of the user. It is also important to choose the CDN provider that has assigned PoPs to the target location of your business. That is to make sure that your business website will load fast on that specific location.

The works and usage of CDN are more effective and efficient compared to the old traditional storage practice in the central server. In using CDN to your business website, the user is requesting or loading your website content, and the web servers or POPs that are positioned to the nearest location of the user will deliver the requested website content and pages.

Thus, the requested website content and pages will be delivered fast and efficient to the end-user. While using the central server, the request of the users will just queue and may cause delays because there are many users around the world accessing the content.

The main purpose of using CDN is to give the best user experience that your business can give or offer for your possible customers. If a user or a customer will open your website and your website is slow in loading because it does not use CDN, there is a possibility that your possible customer will proceed to your other business competitors.

Thus, you will lose your traffic and sales because of the low content loading speed of your business website. But, if you have used CDN for your business, you will gain the customer trust, you will improve your SEO or search engine rankings, and mostly, you will have the higher conversion rates that could result in a successful business.

Benefits of system CDN to your business

  1. Fast Loading Speed of Website
  2. High Availability
  3. SEO Rewards and Rankings
  4. Save Money
  5. Protection and Security

There are many benefits or advantages that CDN could give to your business. Here are just some of the examples:

Fast Loading Speed of Website - Because of the distributed web servers or PoP’s on different locations around the world, there is a high possibility that your business website will load fast to give the user a great and effective user experience. This is a great advantage for you especially if you have many business competitors in the market nationwide. It is said that you will need to get the 250 milliseconds faster of your website or content pages loading time so that the user will not visiting the competitors' website.

High Availability - If your business will use CDN, then your website will be highly available anytime and every time the user requests your website content and pages. CDN services offer unlimited capacity meaning it can cater to many users or customers that will visit or request your website content and pages as long as they are nearest to the POPsor web servers location.

SEO Rewards and Rankings - Not only that you can get great benefits from using CDN, but also major search engines such as Google give rewards to the business websites that use CDN. Not only that, if your business website uses CDN, your keyword rankings will also increase in the search engine’s result pages. That means your business will increase its traffic and rankings that will convert to sales!

Save Money - This is very useful to those businesses that have large files or content. In using CDN, your files will be compressed and converted to smaller files that will save you money and make it faster to deliver to the users. CDN technology supports the compression and browser caching technology that will minimize the bandwidth usage and downloading the same content of the users. This will give big savings to your business.

Protection and Security - Your website content will be protected through the CDN flexible key and proxy authentication. Also, through CDN, you can get DDoS Attack protection that will protect your business from cyber-attacks.

Today, the growing rate of CDN technology is really unstoppable. Because of the big increase and demand in using the Internet, in terms of business, education, technology and all kinds of industry, CDN technology grows exponentially every year. It becomes more advanced in terms of its performance, availability, protection, and security not only in the business industry but to all kinds of industries around the world.

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