A Private Content Delivery Network: All to Yourself!

Private Content Delivery Network

Information technology provides the modern netizen with more options than when the Internet started in the 90s. Yahoo isn’t the only email provider anymore, Youtube isn’t the only video streamer, Facebook isn’t the only social media site options are everywhere. However, if there are options that are only for you and yours only, it would be nicer to opt for them, right? The Same goes for content delivery networks. A private content delivery network: sounds good, right? Though there are CDN providers who can give you the tried and tested CDNs many are using, the best CDN experience for you might be a Private CDN. But will it be the best CDN for you? Can CDN providers still make their case in giving you other CDNs? Let’s talk about how a private content delivery network can work for you the way the usual offerings of CDN providers would, and how can this Private CDN be the best CDN bet you can count on.

Open Source Options

If you approach CDN providers and tell them that you would like to avail of a private content delivery network, chances are they won’t be surprised. In fact, the best CDN providers must be able to present the best CDN options out there, and these must include a content delivery network in private in the form of an open-source CDN. Open-source software are basically apps that can be created from scratch, and these can be personalized according to the user’s liking. The practice of using open source software is not something new, and chances are, you are using them in some of the other apps you have in your computers and offices. CDN providers may offer to build a private content delivery network for you, and this could be your best CDN option. Open source software allows you to infuse into the app qualities that will be most useful to you or your company. In other words, your private content delivery network can be something made unique to you, and CDN providers can guarantee you that your private content delivery network is to be created according to your liking.

If this does not spell out the best CDN experience for you, then we don’t know what would be. CDN providers will not only assist you in using your private content delivery network but also make sure that it is something that reflects your most basic, even your most advanced needs for a private content delivery network. What’s also great about this private content delivery network option is that it features better scalability compared to the usual CDNs. In case your company grows in size, or you want to infuse more functionality into your daily operations, you may talk to your CDN providers to reset the coding of your Private CDN to create the necessary changes. This makes the best CDN experience even better. You can change how the private content delivery network functions, making it more flexible than the usual CDNs.

Other Benefits

When a public online storage service goes down, all of that availing of the service are affected. That is the risk of using publicly open services, like software and other cloud-based endeavors made accessible to any user. Your private content delivery network will not experience this kind of hassle. CDN providers will make sure that the private content delivery network will only be accessed by authorized entities. Part of the best CDN experience is also having the feeling of security, and CDN providers can give that to you. Also, you can study how to do the whole coding of your private content delivery network so that you can take care of it in case discrepancies occur. Instead of relying on CDN providers to do the fix for you, especially in times that they cannot be accessed, you can take matters into your own hands. This is also part of the many benefits of a private content delivery network, that you can have the right capabilities to do problem-solving right away. Isn’t this the best CDN for you?

If a private content delivery network sounds like the best CDN for you, talk to your CDN providers now to ask for help on how to get started. You might want to consider talking to us first here at BelugaCDN, as we also have valuable input about Private CDN and the best CDN experiences everyone has been having. If you’re ready, we are simply waiting for your message.

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