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Free CDN vs Paid CDN

Many enterprises nowadays are putting in money to improve how their company will perform online. This includes virtual advertising spaces, cloud storage, web hosting, etc. After all, there is great payback if a company invests in technology. A key investment many companies are into are content delivery networks, or CDNs. With CDNs’ various improvements to the internet, it is used by many organizations for online performance, like in dealing with customers or creating a better online workspace for their employees.

CDN server prices vary, from hundreds of dollars per month free. Yes, you read it right: there are CDN providers who allow CDN usage without CDN server prices. But are they worth it? Will it be better to sacrifice a few bucks, or a lot of them, to gain satisfaction from CDN providers, of maybe the Best CDNs necessarily do not come with a price? Let’s explore various CDN server price points and judge where will your enterprise stand on how much they are willing to spend to find the best CDN.

Options with Costs

CDN server prices vary as billing or payments methods as per CDN providers are concerned. In your conquest for the best CDN, you’ll encounter a myriad of companies that will come up with different price points for you, CDN server prices can come in the form of pay-as-you-go setups. This means that as you require more services from CDN providers, the bigger you’ll pay as time goes by. This is advantageous for your company’s growing needs of the best CDN. This also shows flexibility in CDN server prices because you can anticipate how much of the CDN providers do you still need assistance from.

Just make sure that when you enter on a contract with CDN providers, the details of the pay-as-you-go setting will be clear. An advantage of this arrangement is that you can decide midway in the experience if what the CDN providers give you are indeed the best CDNs, or you can move on and look at other CDN server prices elsewhere. There is also scalability in being in a limited contract with CDN providers. The best CDNs for you may even become better as you expand your business, and the CDN server prices you pay will definitely be worth it.

Options without Costs

As mentioned earlier, the best CDN server price might be one with only zeros in it: for free. CDN server prices can go really high, making your company unable to afford CDN providers who claim to give the best CDNs. However, this is not always the case. Here are two of the best CDN options you can encounter, and the only CDN server price you pay is the willingness to experience them:

Basic CDNs

It’s possible that the best CDNs for your enterprise are the ones that come for free, but what will these do for you? There is a misnomer that free items have the worst quality, but that is not the case in possibly the best CDNs you’ll ever use. CDN providers may waive CDN server prices for you for some arrangements, like allowing CDN providers to advertise on your website. Free CDNs will also come with the most basic features, especially the same caching capabilities that all CDNs do. The best CDNs can be the free CDNs; it might turn out that your enterprise will only need the basic CDN functions, and not pay any CDN server prices at all.

Open-Source CDNs

Another free option is the use of open-source CDNs, or CDNs you can manipulate through coding. CDN providers might not come into play here anymore; what you might need is the expertise of coding professionals, or those who can create for you the best CDN for your company. What makes this the best CDN, without having to pay CDN server prices? Through programming, your CDN can have other features that regular CDNs won’t have. In other words, the best CDN can be one customized for your own needs. The payment here, however, might come in the form of professional fees for coding experts, but if you have such knowledge in you or in your IT team, you’ll really have to waive CDN server prices.

The Long and Short of It

In summary, you have a lot of CDN server price options in deciding what is the best CDN for you. Whether free or at a cost, there is a CDN out there for you. To get to know more options, talk to BelugaCDN now so that you also get to know more about CDNs.

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