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Foundation CDN

Foundation CDN is the most advanced and responsive front-end framework in the world. It caters any device, medium, and accessibility. Foundation is a group of responsive front-end frameworks that makes it easy to design beautiful responsive websites, apps, and e-mail that look amazing on any device. It also lets you prototype and create sites and apps for any platform of your choice (smart phones, desktops, television displays, etc.). It does need any back-end since various companies have used Foundation with different back-ends and CMS technologies and is still used by hundreds of thousands of sites every day.

Foundation CDN is readable by users, flexible on its uses, semantic, and completely customizable. New resources are always added including code snippets which include HTML templates for you to start with. It is a framework to build the client-facing part of a website or a web application. It runs entirely on a browser so it is easy for a Design specialist to get into it.

Technology used by Foundation CDN

Foundation is built with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript which are the core components of the Web. Even though Foundation is a cutting-edge, baseline technology like jQuery, HTML5 Boilerplate, and Normalizr are still used. Components and plug-ins are designed to work well in all supported browsers and devices.

It does not have any incompatibility with any back-end or server technology your company may have. It also has been used by Wordpress, Drupal, .Net, and many other companies. Foundation is also the framework professionally supported by an organization, namely, ZURB which also uses the framework every day for clients who have small business up to large companies. It has gone through five major iterations and many point releases to ensure its efficiency.

Statistics about Foundation CDN

This framework that includes tools and resources like a robust and flexible responsive grid with tons of handy options, modals, typography, navigation components, and form elements those designers can quickly plug in to their products. Foundation is also modular, meaning you can use as little or as much of it as you need.

With this, it is one of the top 30 open source projects, has 23,900 GitHub stars, has 27,000 daily Google searches, has more than 850 contributors and 12,100 commitments that have been done so far.

How Foundation will Help your Business

Foundation is not solely the use of individual designers but for entire teams. And its benefits are proven every day at ZURB. They battle test the framework daily on every client or internal project that they do, from marketing sites to web/mobile applications. And if it helps them do what they do, then it can certainly help other companies, designers and developers as well. These things are what make Foundation the perfect foundation for any business.

It will help your business by having Foundation Support which is a team that is ready to answer some questions. They also have Foundation training by having a growing number of online courses to get your team started with Foundation. Notable offers a suite of apps to help you design products, and allows you to host and share your Foundation code too.

History of Foundation CDN

ZURB decided they needed a framework in 2011 and they made a prototype by combining the global CSS, jQuery plug-ins, common elements, and best practices. It was an open source program to help other people in making their own designs better.

A year after, Foundation now came with Sass and is the first framework to have mix-ins which was followed by three more upgraded versions of the program with different features including the plug-in that make sites built with it load faster, new components such as the Equalizer, Off-canvas, and Icon bar make a more complete package. Ink, which is their responsive e-mail framework that helped designers make beautiful and responsive e-mails, was also launched that year.

Difference of Beluga CDN and Foundation CDN

With Beluga CDN, which makes use of an IPV6 Network, you may be able to deliver 20-40% faster with its dual stack network. It can also provide real-time traffic statistics up-to-the-second so it is better than Foundation CDN in terms of updates. You can also easily delete specific content from any location in just a click. It is also user-friendly especially to developers who will most likely use this content delivery network. It has advanced settings, fine control, and automation via a restful API. Beluga CDN also has a myriad of tools to help secure and protect your content.

It also works like the Amazon CloudFront or Stackpath but only costs a quarter of their prices which allows you to accelerate the delivery of your site’s content by using the power of a global cloud.

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