Cheap Content Delivery Network and Why It Is Important?

Cheap Content Delivery Network

The hype for Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) is real and considering how things are going, there is no reason for it to die down. The digital space is growing and the number of companies migrating to the cloud is increasing by the day. Social media brands, video streaming companies, and eCommerce businesses are all on the rise. It’s safe to say, too, that the demand to leave digital imprints has escalated. All these considered, the quest for cheap content delivery network services has also been a heavy search item on Google.

For this article, we’ll explain what constitutes the best CDN and why CDN pricing should be among the first things you consider when shopping for service providers.

The Best and Cheap CDN Depends on Your Needs

For CDN newbies, it’s easy to go for whichever CDN provider is the most popular. And while that isn’t always a bad thing, we’re here to challenge the norm. People often forget that the best CDN depends on what your enterprise needs. BelugaCDN, case in point, is perfect for website owners looking for economical and simple global content delivery. We keep it competitively simple.

More often than not, people forget to consider how many providers use similar technologies. And by this, we mean that the services you get from the leading, more expensive ones can be extended by smaller CDN companies, as well.

  • Dynamic and static content? Check.
  • Live video? Check.
  • Easy Push/Pull CDN features? Check.
  • Private CDN? Check.
  • Anti DDoS? Check.

The list goes on. The bottom line is that there’s a wide selection of CDN services that aren’t exclusive to costly providers. In fact, CDN pricing should be a fundamental deal-breaker. Why adjust your budget to the price of overly-charged CDN services when you can get the same ones at a fraction of the price? Cheap content delivery network services may differ from one provider to the next, but the reviews our clients say about our competence don’t lie.

BelugaCDN Pricing List 2021–2022

Gain access to our whole content delivery network without commitment.

Region First 2.5TB
per month
Next 25TB
per month
Next 200TB
per month
Next 1 PB TB
per month
All location $20 $150 $1,000 $5,000

If you require higher than 1 PB of traffic per month, reach us for exclusive pricing!

Cheap Content Delivery Network Is Nothing Short of a Snappy Solution

As emphasized earlier, the best CDN provider is one that meets your needs; and because needs are different for every brand, not each business will share the same definition of the best CDN. In other words, a cheap content delivery network can be just as valuable and capable for your website needs.

You Can Resort to a Cheap Content Delivery Network If:

  1. Your website traffic is growing

    you may want to review CDN pricing comparisons if you start noticing your website generate heavier traffic. Why? Web host origins are meant to cater to thousands of your website visitors simultaneously. Web hosts only store and make accessible web content, but efficient distribution is another issue. A cheap content delivery network, depending on which one you go to, can very much tick this feature off your website needs.

  2. Your website has a ton of static content and large files

    what website owners don’t understand all the time is that their site’s loading speed also depends on how heavy their web content is. Does your site have video loops upon loading? Do you have a long section of gifs and animation on your site? Does your site contain an array of large files such as lengthy PDFs and downloadable audio and other media? If so, it’s high time you sign up with a CDN provider. Consider the CDN pricing that’s well within your range and don’t be pressured into signing up with providers who call for hefty bills.

  3. You have a growing market

    what’s beautiful about digital businesses is the reach that’s afforded to you. Whereas your physical marketing efforts can only go so far, the world wide web can aid you in reaching out to regions, countries, and continents you could only dream of penetrating for your enterprise. When you’re seeing a steady pattern involving transactions from buyers and visitors who are from different parts of the planet, it may be high time to assess CDN pricing and go for whatever cheap content delivery network is best for you.

Why CDN Pricing should be an issue

Plenty of CDN services can be overpriced. This is precisely why it’s crucial to ascertain exactly what it is your website needs and determine which data centers you need to have Points of Presence in before inking a contract with a provider. Many times, business leaders and entrepreneurs could be losing a ton of money for shelling out CDN services they could have gotten at cheaper rates. In case you missed it, we have a CDN pricing comparison chart on our homepage. You might want to check it out before coming to a decision.

After everything’s been said and done, a cheap content delivery network can be just as brilliant and masterly as the leading ones. You get to decide!

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