Which CDN Should I Choose?

Which CDN

If you’re reading this, we’d like to assume you already know how CDN works. That aside, we’re not going into complete details about the technology CDNs are hinged on. Instead, this article will explore what things you should factor in to find out which CDN provider best suits your website needs.

To start, how well an application or website performs is an elemental factor for determining brand success. For startups and small-to-medium-sized businesses, this aspect is all the more crucial. Considering how entertainment on-demand is much more available today, users now are less patient and each second your site or application isn’t up yet can cost you thousands of money. Fairly enough, content delivery networks have gone a long way to remedy this internet concern. So how do you know which CDN provider to work with?

Before Choosing Which CDN Is Best, Consider These:

Consider Web Hosts and Website Visitors

You must understand how all these three works together and how each party plays a part. Every website is carried by a web host. Popular examples of these are Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, and Format. These web hosts are essentially your gateway where you can introduce your business to the world wide web. In other words, web hosts provide you the platform in which you can create your website. Web hosts store your pictures, blog posts, affiliate links, and other features one would typically see on websites.

Website visitors, on the other hand, are the people who, well, visit your site. Who is your main demographic? Where do they reside? If you’re expanding your business, which regions would you like to penetrate? Once you have these things covered, it’ll be easier to know which CDN could work for you. BelugaCDN has a good number of Points of Presence all around the world, so your audience is sure to enjoy quality browsing wherever they are.

Factor in Your Web Content

A website is comprised of a variety of content: .js files, images, .css files, and more. Many times, websites can also be a good mix of both user-specific, dynamic content and static content. Understating what kind of content your website needs the most also helps you make an informative decision on which CDN could be best for you. Some CDNs are terrific at optimizing only static content, while others can deliver both content types with ease.

Websites that contain mostly static content can easily be improved by caching them into servers. However, sites whose content is mostly dynamic will need more than basic caching. Again, knowing this can be helpful once you decide as to your CDN of choice. Look for a provider whose services and features support your goals.

The Battle Between Performance vs. Price

No one wants slow-loading websites. That’s a fact. Many businesses, because of the nature of their enterprise, can’t afford even the shortest milliseconds of delay. If you own a gaming app, a finance-related app, or a business in the e-commerce industry, speed is of the irreversible essence and you’re going to have to spend a good fortune in making sure you get the best CDN for you. Nowadays, people transfer funds through their smartphones. People also already shop using the internet. Businesses that require snappy connections require snappy CDNs—that’s not to say a few CDNs are slow; it only means that not every CDN provider can be the best for you.

However, if you feel that a 2-second delay won’t be as inconsequential for your type of enterprise, then you can look for a CDN that compliments your budget. Of course, these are only examples and speed, regardless of what your business type is, should be upheld at all times when possible.

BelugaCDN, a solid example you had coming, has astonishingly cheaper prices compared to leading CDNs in the market. While there are free CDNs newbies can turn to, these usually don’t live up to what your website calls for.

What Are People Saying?

You can never go wrong with reviews. Considering how vast the internet is, there are now worlds of reviews online about different services from providers, CDN included. Check the reviews of leading CDNs and assess what people are saying. Is their price-to-performance ratio fair? Are there other CDN providers that can offer what they do at cheaper rates? What makes them so popular?

Word of mouth can only go so far. Examine their technology, too. Is the technology these CDNs use exclusive only to them or do other providers extend the same services, too?

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